sometimes org akan salahkan org lain bile something bad happened.
but If u heard all the explanation.
no. I mean u already heard all the explanation.
tapi I dont even understand why u put the blame on me.
maybe. u're not put the blame on me.
thats what u've said.
but always remember.
ur ACTION are always show that u blame on me on what had happened.
Im here not to explain again and again.
but just want u to know.
I already tried. gave a change for myself. and urself.
a long time ago.
but Its not working.
we both had tried.
so If u think its too hard to being frends.
leave me without regret :)

p/s : You are a great example of a judgmental person. You act and potray something as if you know everything, but you know nothing " - YUNA

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