HB !

this year. I'm proud to be 22. HAHA. wanna know why ? It is because even I'm
getting older. there are still many peoples were suprised because they though I was still a teenager. hey hey. am I looked too young ? heee.

THANKS A LOT to peoples and lovely friends yg wish dekat fb and handfon. and yg call tapi tak dapat. sebab. hadiah bufday kali ni ialah. keypad handfon menjadi rosak dgn tibe tibe. hanye mampu tengok msg dan call masok tp tiade upaye untuk berbuat sesuatu. trime kasih T.T

I just hope this year will change me to be a matured gurl and change some of my behavior. for me CHANGES is something that I needed to be better a great person. InsyaAllah.


leave ur msg guys ;)