be grateful whatever ur size

I wanna make a confess from deep of my heart. 

before this I hated being skinny. really. my weight is just 41 kg. diulangi. 41 kg. BMI pon tak lepas wei  T.T  If much people worried because they're overweight. but me. everyday. every second. every time. worried because I'm underweight. 

so I've took lot of pills. supplements. sleep a lot to be the big one. eat a lot. eat. eat. and eat. kurus tak semestinye sihat. so me yang tersangat kurus ini sgtlah lagi tak sihat. I've got dehydration once. I've made urine test for many times before. I've got problem with my excretory system once. I've got gastric. severe one. seriously it happened when I thought I was healthy. I've did all of this but I forgot something..

aku terlupe bersyukur tak kire berape berat aku. mcam mane saiz aku. tak penah pikir yang orang saiz mcam aku lah yang paling senang carik baju. org badan mcam aku lah senang nak pegi mane mane. org saiz mcam aku lah org tak pandang hine compare dgn yg gemok.

why I'm not be grateful ? :') I've made a mistake. a big mistake.

all things happened must be a reasons. and I'll do a lot of exercise. I'll eat often but in a small quantity.  drink a lot. 

p/s : I'm proud to be skinny.

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