BUSY wehh

It's been a while since I posted the last entry. as a student I'm quite bz right now. ceh ceh. seriously I have a lot of things to do. a lot of plans, works and assignment. and the best part dat I can't wait is. I will graduate in a year ! woahhh !

started from dis sem. aku gila bangang punye focus. tak penah ade schedule's book pon skang dah ade.  * teharu tak ma ? tinggal setahun je lagi. so better be focus than late. test pulak semua berlumba lumba nak buat dlm minggu yg same. perghh. taknak kalah kan. yg menderitanya ? aku lah oi.

at workshop

kadangkale kite perlu selitkan gmba buat buat comey

sambung balik keje

I've changed to be nerd and be all time specky for dis sem T.T

p/s : when I'm doing my practical. It's time for wearing heels. weeehuuu !

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