besok dah khamis. 
and stakat nih aku still belom pack ape ape brg lagi.
nak balik JB ? 
siyesly malas + benci. 
not bcoz of the college or others.
but bcoz of the SOME PEOPLE there.
If I could turn back time. 
I will choose the lifestyle in matriculation.
dgn kwan sume yg bangang2. mmg bahagia gilee.
they're understanding and NOT A BACKSTABBER like certain people.
but at least.
I was grateful bcoz not all people are like them.
and the most important things.
I was really happy bcoz I still have MAI there.
and I have a some great friends here.
kawan boleh dicari ramai ramai.
tp kawan yg honest and tak menunjuk nunjuk itu susah loh.
okey now.
I should think about my future.
and I don't have time to think about dat nonsense anymore.
sebab lepas ni.

p/s : tetibe bengang bile teringat what had happened before.

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